An exclusive experience in the heart of Tuscany.
A unique chance to savour the enchanted atmosphere
that has inspired Luciano Pasquini’s paintings

for more than 45 years.

When observing a painting by Pasquini, the one thing among the numerous aesthetic sensations aroused that prevails for me is the impression that I can hear breathing. The rasping telluric breath of his hilly landscapes. The deep blowing of the wind that moves the sea, pushing the waves over vast expanses. The warm, quiet breath of the houses squashed next to each other like sheep in a flock at night. The rustling sighs of flowers just cut, that carry among their ragged corollas the air of the bush or meadow they come from.


(Cristina Acidini)

“Le Pozzacce” is an old farmhouse nestled in the luxuriant Tuscan countryside

only a few kilometres from the centre of Florence,

that has been the home and studio of the painter and his family since 1982.

Forever the exclusive destination of Italian and foreign gallery owners and art dealers,

the studio is now also open
to small groups of tourists (by reservation).

For information and reservations go to the contact page and…

see you soon!