The long journey into colour by Luciano Pasquini


It was 30 January 1971 when Luciano Pasquini first started to paint, using the box of colours,

a present from his girlfriend who was to become his lifelong partner. So at the age of 28, with his thoughts going back to the drawings of the children

of the School of S.Gersolè and their teacher, Maria Maltoni,

Luciano Pasquini painted with oil colours for the very first time.

For the first time he was a painter, a real painter.

His first work was created outdoors, immersed in the natural environment

that was to become the source of every future tonal value of Pasquini’s paintings. That natural environment where he lived in the embrace of ancient stones,

amidst the trees, bushes and clearings, with his gaze on the flowers and the grass

whispering in the wind from his ever-loved hills.


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